Dr. Jochen Boberg (* 20 June 1941 in Wesel on the Lower Rhine) is an art historian and museum director, until recently he was the Director of the Museum Services at Berlin and wrote numerous publications on the history of art and culture.

Hans-Dietrich Genscher (* 21 March März 1927 in Reideburg near Halle) is a German politician (FDP). He was Federal Minister of the Interior, Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Prof. Eugen Gomringer (* 20 January 1925 in Cachuela Esperanza, Bolivia) is deemed the father of Concrete Poetry, worked as secretary of Max Bill at the Ulm University of Design, was Head of the Schweizerischer Werkbund (Swiss artists's association), and held lectures on the theory of aesthetics at the Düsseldorf Art Academy.

Çetin Güzelhan (* 1961 in Gaziantep, Turkey) is an art historian. He researched in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul about Aby Warburg, is a consultant of the art fair "Contemporary Istanbul" and curator of numerous exhibitions.

Prof. Dr. Roman Herzog (* 5 April 1934 in Landshut) is a German lawyer and politician (CDU). He was Minister of Culture and of the Interior of the State Baden-Württemberg, Judge at the Federal Constitutional Court, later its President, as well as the seventh German Federal President from 1994 to 1999.

Dr. Fritz Jacobi (* 23 April 1944 in Dresden) is an art historian in Berlin, retired curator at the German National Gallery, the State Museums at Berlin.

Prof. Dr. John Robert Kelly is an American filmmaker. He teaches at the Boston University of Southern California, is member of the Artists Union of Afghanistan and Senior Fellow in Film at the Center for International Journalism in Kabul.

Dr. Dr. Michael Pohly (* 27 February 1956 in Burgsinn) is a German physician and ethnologist, Islam researcher and Afghanistan expert from the Free University Berlin. Among others, he worked for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Kabul, today he lives in Switzerland.

Prof. Dr. Heribert Prantl (*30 July 1953 in Nittenau, Bavaria) is a German lawyer, journalist and author. He is in charge of the domestic policy division of the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper in Munich and since January 2011 a member of the editorial board.

Herbert Schirmer (* 8. Juli 1945 in Stadtlengsfeld) was Minister of Culture of the GDR in the Cabinet of Lothar de Maizière from April until October 1990. He lives as a journalist in Lieberose und is Member of the Foundation Council of the Stiftung Neue Kultur (New Culture Foundation).

Prof. Werner Stötzer (* 2. April 1931 in Sonneberg; † 22. July 2010 in Altlangsow) was a German sculptor and graphic artist. From 1978, he was a member of the Akademie der Künste (Arts Academy) of the GDR and the subsequent Akademie der Künste, Berlin.