Prof. Werner Stötzer, 1993

My knowledge of the works of Andreas Theurer led me to request a personal meeting. For me, the elder, it was advantageous. The meeting resulted from a wish to get to know Theurers work.

It struck me that his creation of form is derived from an intellectually-sensual observation of nature that is attained from experience while working. His development is based on his trade-craft ability, to which I can attest. He does not find it important, but it forms the base of his sculptural work. Therein he has found the measure which is born by the weight of two thousand years.

He does not have invented theories. It is rather the relentless search of the ancient coherence of material and form. In a time where everything and also nothing may be declared art he, knowledgeably during the course of the task, hacks his sculptures from stone. This, not for appeal, not for this day and certainly not to be fashionable.

A work-image results, not a statement-image. In this work-image his sculptures now appear - they are identified by the joining of a fragmented isolation and a beautiful shaping of the fragments into a harmony of the whole. In his best pieces the genesis of the final product results from the work-process and bears out the freshness at the start.